came back from vietnam with only 3 weeks left till college… was sad that i had such a short amount of time to do anything

well, 3 weeks have passed and they have been one of the most eventful weeks of my life and im finally tired.. laying down, pretty much exhausted

moving into college tomorrow…its been real

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i can drive stick now!

which means i can drive my own car

except i dont trust myself driving in the morning lol. if im not on a hill, i forget to use my clutch and if im not on a regular road, i forget to use enough gas

i call this… the clutch-gas conundrum

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I have discovered a treasure.

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i haven’t been on tumblr for a really long time but i thought it would be appropriate to (sort of) document what has happened in my life the past month and a half

i got my license on the 24th of june in the morning!! (YAYY) and then hopped on the plane to Vietnam the next morning at 1 AM on the 25th

then i stayed in vietnam for almost a month and got back on the 23rd of july. we traveled to lots of places like: nha trang, da lat, hanoi, ha long bay, and hue. it was a bit slow at first and i felt pretty homesick but it all got better (also got used to the heat/humidity)

after that, once i got back home on the 23rd of july at around 8:30 pm, i packed my bags once again, showered, and drove to jsu’s house for our senior trip down to LA. we got on the road at about 2:30 AM and got there at 7:30 am (pretty impressive—yay go sam & alex)

lots-o’ good restaurants omg.. Porto’s potato balls were the best. and BAEK JEONG kbbq … boba 7 too. we stayed at socal for like 6 days and I surprisingly got rid of my jetlag the first day and even drove LOL 

then it was california adventure to disneyland where we pretty much got to the park at 8-9 in the morning and left at 11-12 pm

the day after we got back, i hung out with cpl & kevin pretty much all day and karl tagged along too and i was told that ryan’s beach house was open the next day LOL 

so beach house we went and beach house we returned.. like JUST TODAY and i just got home from hanging out cpl pretty much all day again

time to rest ._____________. 

..and study for my chem placement test l0l

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#my grammar has also taken a turn for the worst thx to vietnam 
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buys two cheap k00l albums (bananas by esta & licensed to ill by beastie boys) from record store at sf

excited to bring home and listen 

cd drives for both desktop and laptop don’t work

internet crashes periodically so cannot find solution online to fix issues

fed up

i just wanna listen to music :(

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it’s happening

the senior portraits are coming

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Please Don’t Say You Love Me || Gabrielle Aplin

Just please don’t say you love me because I might not say it back. Doesn’t mean my heart stops skipping when you look at me like that…

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"Music is a safe kind of high."

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